Shell Fishing Gear

Upper Cape

K.B. White Company

N.Falmouth; 508-564-5695
For top quality all forged steel shell fishing gear stop by the Megansett Harbour Company 91 County Rd. N.Falmouth MA (564-6160). Basket rakes, quahog scratchers, steamer forks, galvanized wire baskets...we have it all. One half mile east of the Rt.151 & 28 intersection. Take the kids clamming !

Lower Cape

R.A. Ribb Company, Inc.

17 Fieldhouse Ln.-off Rte. 137, East Harwich; 508-432-6974
"Tools for the Inshore Fishery/Ribb Rakes" Featuring a complete line of shellfishing gear for the commercial, recreational and acquacultural industries: Basket rakes (all-welded construction), "mini" mini-bullrakes, "Chatham" scratchers, ss. soft-shell clam hoes, bullrakes, tongs, "turtle-back" scratch rakes, culling racks, ss.clamps and collars, aluminum poles and handles. Free delivery on Cape; daily UPS shipping.